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BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Makes you king over your desktop



Even though BioniX Wallpaper Changer is loaded over 200 features it is still VERY easy to use. BioniX Desktop Background Wallpaper Changer is not only a wallpaper changer but also an advanced desktop wallpaper manager: with BioniX you can easily create thematic playlists, filter unwanted desktop wallpapers, sort desktop wallpapers by file size/resolution/name/rating, rename or delete desktop wallpapers directly from playlist, photo edit desktop wallpapers, etc. Adding desktop wallpapers to playlist is as simple as drag & drop.


What is BioniX Desktop Wallpaper Changer?

BioniX Desktop Background Wallpaper Changer is certainly the most popular wallpaper changer/wallpaper manager in the world. It cycles the wallpapers on your desktop at your chosen time intervals. It is small and fast and creates dependency. BioniX Desktop Background Wallpaper Changer is the choice of millions of users because it offers unique features like smart stretch, smart tile, advanced playlist editor, skins, hide taskbar and desktop icons, boss button, download millions of desktop wallpapers at batch from Flickr website, set day and night desktop background wallpapers, lock on folder, download millions of desktop background wallpapers at batch from web page.

The desktop wallpapers can be stored in different directories, on different hard disks, even on different computers. Also, you can make multiple thematic playlists and switch between them whenever you want to.

BioniX Desktop Background Wallpaper Changer features.


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